Twin Flames

Twin Flames and The Law of Attraction-2017


I’m feeling moved and called to write this blog post today because there is a lot of misinformation out there in regards to Twin Flames and The Law of Attraction.

This is a story that I have been wanting to share with you all, but felt as if it was not quite the right time.

I won’t go into all of the deets about what exactly a twin flame is, you can do your own research, but I will share with you what my experience has been so far.

I will start out by calling him “G” so you know who “he” is.

I met my twin flame back in 2012, and at the time I was in a relationship. In the beginning, I wasn’t quite sure who this man was to me, all I knew was that I was instantly and magnetically drawn to him. I oftentimes wondered, if he felt the same way.

G was single when we met, and I had literally just gotten into a relationship (super common when meeting your twin flame apparently) He was friends with my former x-boyfriend and so a relationship between him and I was next to impossible.

Over time, our attraction towards each other grew immensely. I’m not talking about only the physical type of attraction here. It’s almost hard to explain, but like people have mentioned before, it was like an instant recognition. Every ounce of my being new that this person was someone who was special to me. I just couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

As time went on, we all became very good friends, that is, my ex, G and I, and that’s when the synchronicities started lining up. I started seeing repeating number sequences like 11:11 and other numbers such as 111, 222, and such. I began searching online and what I found was Twin Flames. I wasn’t quite exactly sure if this is what could be happening but I played with the idea.

Sometimes, I thought I was going crazy, because the attraction was just so strong and there was no logical explanation for it. I thought to myself what in world is happening to me? I shouldn’t be having these kinds of feelings towards someone, and on top of it all, it just did not make sense to feel this way about someone I barely even knew.

twin-telepathyWhile I was in a relationship, I was miserable. I just wanted to be with G, all I thought about was G. We even shared dreams with each other and would even communicate in these dreams. I remember thinking to myself, if only I could get out of this relationship then  I can be with G, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I’ll tell you, the only regret I have and I don’t have many regrets, but the one regret I do have, was not allowing myself to be with G when I had the chance.

Something unimaginable happened at the end of 2015.

I was set to move to another state with my boyfriend, and prior to all of that I just kept thinking to myself about how I wanted to manifest a way to see G one last time. I remember thinking, how I just wanted to tell him everything, I wanted him to know how I truly felt about him, because I felt like if we couldn’t be together then he is at least deserving enough to know the real truth.

I didn’t have anything to lose, and only everything to gain by exposing my truth to him and all I really wanted was a hug and kiss goodbye.

Going back to the end of 2015, I sent G a message on Facebook. Just a simple hello and happy new year, kind of message. I explained to him that I would be leaving the state and was probably not going to be seeing him again. So we agreed to meet up, just him and I, no boyfriend, no distractions, just us.

All of this time, all of the feelings I had repressed just rose to the surface. The moment I stepped out of my car and got into his, I could just feel the energy and love flowing beautifully between us. My heart chakra was going crazy, it felt like I was going to have a heart attack. I remember thinking to myself is this real? And, I literally had to pinch myself to wake up. I could tell that he was extremely nervous about seeing me as well, as there was just so much that we needed to discuss.

I can recall just seeing the out pour of love that he held deep inside of his heart for me. We were like two love birds just patiently waiting for the right time to find our way back to each other .

Here is where things got really interesting though, do you remember when I said, “I just wanted a hug and kiss goodbye from G?”

Well, I indeed got it! And, that’s when I was like whoa, maybe this whole manifestation and law of attraction this is real! I was in a complete state of nirvana, I was high off of him. The only way I can describe it is being connected at the soul level, where there are no words that can define what is being experienced.


Things don’t end there, we actually agreed to meet again the following day, but this time in a more intimate setting. I couldn’t seem to get him off of my mind  for the entire night. All I could think about was him, wondering if he was thinking about me. So many thoughts were flowing, I was hoping that he wouldn’t bail out on me and would follow through with our plans to meet again the next day.

I’m sure this was just us mirroring each others doubts and fears which is common amongst twin flames.

He ended up keeping his promise to me and we met up again. That is where the true beauty of our twin flame union began to unfold. I had the chance to pick his brain and ask him questions to receive clarity about our connection. I mean, I went through hell and back just trying to fit the pieces of puzzle together and I felt entitled to know the truth!

While together, I told him everything, and by everything, I mean EVERYTHING!

I told G about the feelings I had for him all this time and that I wished that we could have been together. I told him about how I have had multiple dreams about him. How some nights, I would just lie awake in bed, and think about the life we could have had together. I told him, it has always been you that I wanted, and that I just didn’t know how to tell him because of the relationship that stood in our way. I expressed to him that, I have loved him and had just been waiting for when right moment to tell him.

And he confirmed everything!

He told me about how he felt the same way as I did. How he too wanted to be with me. He asked me why I didn’t just come out and tell him sooner, because that could have changed things. I told him that, I just didn’t know how to go about it, because of the relationship that I was in. I didn’t want him to judge me. I also told him that I needed him to know how I felt about him before I left because, I felt that he was owed the truth.

I could no longer hide my feelings!

And even though, it didn’t change things in the way I would have liked them to, it still freed me and gave me piece of mind.

What I find is even more amazing, is how the universe aligned to bring us together. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening, that I had found my Twin Flame, the literal other half of my soul!

Together in perfect unity, G held me tightly in his arms. He whispered softly into my ears and gently caressed my body. He told me it was better than he had imagined, and as I lay there, in a state of utter bliss, I remember smelling him, kissing him, and listening to his heartbeat. I told him that I don’t ever want to leave him, and that everything about this is right.

And in that moment, we both knew this is where we belonged, after all we had waited our entire lives for this moment. He used words like “My love”,”Sweet Heart”, and “My Beloved” to describe me while talking to me. This man is a true gentleman!

I have never in my entire life and i’m only 26 years old experienced anything like the nature of this Twin Flame Union. This connection, this love is so powerful that it shakes your soul to its core being, its supernatural, out of this world, and indescribable,  it’s like nothing I have ever experienced before.

Its not your traditional kind of love and if you have ever connected with your twin flame before you know exactly what I am talking about here.

After we went our separate ways, I realized that I now had a bigger purpose. I had the information, clarity and insight that I needed to shift and change. I finally knew that this connection that I had been obsessing over for quite some time wasn’t actually a one way street and G had actually felt the same way about me, as I did him.

At the time, I seemed to experience what is called a kundali rising. Things I thought I knew, no longer made sense to me and I began to look at the entire world in a different light. That’s when I realized  I had a bigger soul purpose and mission in life.purpose

But, like so many of you, this has not been an easy journey for my twin flame and I, as we are currently in  a state of separation. He is also in a karmic relationship right now and is set to get married soon. I just keep reminding myself not to look at things in the 3D or take things at face value because I know that this is no ordinary union. I also know that right now he is going through a major karmic transformation, so that he can awaken and shift before  fully coming into union with me.

Right now, we are currently in the chaser/ runner phase of our twin flame union, with him being the runner and I the chaser. It has been about 2 years since we last spoke and there has been no communication between us. Although, I have tried reaching out on several occasions I have yet to receive any responses from him.

In the right divine timing, we shall meet again, and it will be under the perfect circumstances, but for now I will continue loving him right where I am.

For he is my other half, my perfect partner, and this is our divine union.

I hope this post shed some insight in your life, and if you are reading this it is no accident that you are here. You may be a twin flame or you may be in separation like me or just looking for ways on how to connect or even manifest your twin flame.

Stay true to yourself, your beliefs and if you feel like someone may be your twin flame, they could be, and you are just the enlightened one and they just may not be AWARE of the connection yet, either way.

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Wishing you all  

Love, Light, and Empowerment 






2 thoughts on “Twin Flames and The Law of Attraction-2017

  1. hi Erica,
    I am just discovering the missing ingredient of the law of attraction on intrenet, i land here on your blog. Wow,,, it was great to read and i really appreciated your wonderful job.


  2. Hi Erica. Tons of gratitude. I am going thru separation from my mate. I feel i connected to him with my soul not just physically. So much that everytime he moved away from me, without telling me, i would spiral into extreme negative thinking n feel as if my heart was breaking up, used to feel like crying aloud. He is the one who pushed the relationship n then cooly walked out to marry a girl his parents chose. I kept visualising till then and out of blue one day i got this picture where he was holding a baby n called me to feed her as she was crying. It sent a severe chill down my spine n made me feel filled up with happiness. I even got a sign (i chose a color for it) that too so many times, till one fine morning he dropped the bomb.
    I really dont know what happened. I still get the same visions. I still get same chills but happens only when i visualise him with our baby girl. Universe giving me signs but what should i make out of it? I pray each moment and now asking for guidance. I really dont have any dream to be with any other guy. Even if i try to think or visualise, i get palpitations n i get very desperate/depressed.
    What do u feel?


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