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You Are a Powerful Creator-2017

fullsizerenderWhat if I told you that within you was the power to move mountains. Would you believe me? Well it’s true, because everything on this earth is made up of energy. Energy is the only constant thing that surrounds us. Its in everything we do, its who we are.

Inside of you lies a one of the most powerful tools in the entire universe. That is the ability to create.

The law of attraction states: that we attract into our lives people, things and circumstances that correspond with our dominant patterns of emotional thinking. 

For a lack of better words, what you think, you attract, and what you attract you become.

seedSo  essentially, that in which you decide to focus on, increases and expands. It all begins as a seed, just a thought that has no form, and as you begin to nurture this seed, you water it, and provide sunlight, it begins to change and soon enough out sprouts from the seed a tiny leaf.

This is how the Law of Attraction and Manifestation work!

Have you ever predicted something could happen and you already knew the outcome to it, because you were expecting it to happen?  Its kind of like this

harry-potter-and-the-deathly-hallows-part-2So are you, demanding and decreeing over your life and your circumstances? Are you taking a hold of the reigns and taking charge in your life. If not, it is time that you do! We live in the 3D , which is where the material world resides.

Anything you want you can have it now, its yours now and you have to be open to receiving the abundance that surrounds you!

Remember when I said that everything is energy. There are Universal Laws which govern The Law of Attraction. So what you wish and what you think will be, it is so, and there isn’t any other way. So give light to your wants, dreams and desires as you have within you the power to create, manifest and receive all of the gifts your heart so wants.


When you are creating, you must come from a place of belief and have a burning desire for it to come to fruition.

You must be patient and hold to your faith as it will come to you in the right divine timing.

Only what your heart truly desires will manifest and only if your willing to relax, allow and trust the process.      

You are here to be a powerful creator.

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Erica McKnight


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