Twin Flames

Twin Flame Rant 

As of lately, I haven’t been inspired. Although things in my life are at an all time high, I just can’t seem to shake it. 

I can’t seem to forget about him. I find myself in deep thought about it because, I have literally done everything I can or could have ever done to get him to speak to me. 

I’ve gotten off social media for a while, stopped stalking him and his fiancé but something is just not right. 

I try my hardest to look past him and be happy and grateful for this amazing life that is in front of me but he won’t leave!!!! 

I tell myself that I must be crazy but at times I find myself missing him,  and the pain is unbearable. It’s like I’m being tortured in my own body and have no way of escaping. 

Sometimes I like to think that ive got to be making this stuff up, but I’m not!!! I wish I never met him, I do love him but I am being tortured because I cannot be with him. 

It’s like no matter how many times I turn the page to the next chapter, he somehow finds a way to creep back in! I’m sick of it. 

I backed off because he left me with no choice, and those of you that are real Twin Flames or Divine Counterparts as I like to call it will understand where I am coming from. 
Everyday, I am striving to be a better person, and just move on with my life, which by the way I have for the most part, but then there is something for some strange reason that I am clearly holding on to some belief that one day he might just make his way back to me. 

But I cannot carry on this way, and even though we are in separation, in other relationships and in different states, my love for him has never seized. I’ve literally tried everything I can to just move on but…… I just don’t even know, what to think or how to feel anymore. I guess I’m just numb. 

sorry if this post is a rant but I was driving home from work and there he was again…grrr 

Such a pain in my ass!!! 

Ok rant over hahah 

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Peace & Love 



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